Who we are

AgImpact optimises research for development outcomes by supporting private, non government and public sector partners, primarily in emerging economies.

We are based in Sydney, Australia and work globally with a skew towards Southern Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. We are bound together by a common purpose; we care about what we do and the people we work with; we do our best always and love solving problems; we learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes; we want our work to matter.

What we do

We specialise in the implementation of CommCare for digital data collection in both the health and agriculture sectors. We provide project management and technical advisory services for agricultural R4D projects and strategically tell our partners’ stories of impact through photography and short film.

Our vision is that “AgImpact” becomes synonymous with ‘transforming ideas into impact’ in the agricultural and human health sectors, for the benefit of people and their communities in emerging economies.


AgImpact provides support to research for development (R4D) projects, helping them transition from paper-based data collection to digital data collection systems (apps on tablets/smartphones). We work with you to achieve your research goals by building web-integrated mobile device applications that gather meaningful data seamlessly and efficiently, ready for you to dissect and analyse as you wish. Our team have worked on R4D projects from a diverse range of sectors, from government research institutions to NGOs to private corporations, helping to smooth out what can otherwise be a bumpy transition from paper-based to digital data collection systems.

Based on independent rigorous research, AgImpact uses the CommCare app (developed by software company Dimagi). We believe CommCare to be the most flexible and powerful app for low-resource settings such as R4D. Being the world’s first (and currently only) Dimagi Certified Partner, AgImpact is well positioned to deliver implementation and support services to clients to use the CommCare app. We also specialise in training in CommCare application building at both a project and institutional level, as well as supporting projects past the point of data collection by facilitating data management and monitoring options.

AgImpact’s close ties to Australia’s international agricultural research community affords us access to leading technical specialists from forestry, crops, livestock, irrigation, social sciences and economics. These supplement, as necessary, the in-house expertise of our team. We ensure our technical reports not only deliver evidence based analysis but go one step further to propose tangible next steps towards interventions in agricultural systems. We perform research for development.

Prior engagements include sourcing expertise for multiple value chain studies (livestock, horticulture, grains) for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), delivery of technical expertise to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Indonesia on irrigation pumping evaluation and the sourcing of satellite and drone imagery and GIS analysis for private clients in Southeast Asia.

In addition to delivering the highest quality technical expertise and tools to conduct research, we also provide R4D project management services. We can work with you to design your R4D activity, write proposals, develop budgets, source multidisciplinary teams, manage all field team logistics, and finally, deliver outputs on time that exceed expectations.

Most recently we designed and executed the Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) Research Series for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), working with nine projects across five countries, providing support and evaluating the adoption of CommCare. We have also managed research teams to identify and prioritise agricultural commodities and areas of greatest impact for the phase II design of a DFAT development program in Indonesia and delivered research to the private sector across multiple commodities and countries in Southeast Asia.

We believe every person and every project has a story to tell. People are often so passionate about and caught up in their own work they overlook the unexpected impact of what they do. Strategic storytelling involves capturing the story of impact as it evolves. We can work closely with your team to record perceptions and aspirations at the start of a project, milestones and progress as the project evolves, and outcomes and learnings post project.

The process of capturing the ‘strategic story’ is almost as rewarding as the story itself. While working in country, we take the time to identify where unexpected stories may be hiding, and to build your team’s capacity to identify and capture these stories themselves (usually using photography and simple short film). We prefer to tell real human stories that illustrate impact on individuals and communities. We are motivated by more than just creating promotional pieces. We see great value in carefully presenting how people’s perceptions or practices are transformed as a result of a project’s activity.

Previously we have applied our strategic storytelling approach to ACIAR’s Mobile Acquired Data (MAD) Research Series, capturing the change in perceptions along with the unexpected impacts of nine projects collecting research data using CommCare for the first time.

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